Creating Profiles and LFR Check-Ins

1. When I try to create a profile I get the following message:

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Please try using a different browser to create your profile.

Please note, however, that the landscape of web browsers and devices changes regularly and our approach is to look forward, not back. With that in mind the LFR Check-In is intended to be used on current versions of all major desktop browsers. Users of older or less capable browsers or devices will experience a design that is appropriate to the capabilities of their software. We do not cater for people using Microsoft lnternet Explorer 8 (or below) and cannot predict the behaviour of that browser. We have not tested functionality on old or abandoned browsers, for example Microsoft lnternet Explorer 6 or 5.5 for Windows or Mac, previous versions of Apple's Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Opera and cannot predict accessibility on those browsers.

2. I’m an assistant, can I create an LFR Check-In on behalf of someone I work for?

You need to have access to that person’s profile (i.e. e-mail address and password information) in order to log in for them and create an LFR Check-In on their behalf.

3. I asked for a new password but haven’t received an e-mail.

Please check your junk folders.

Results Related

4. Who can access the results of an LFR Check-In I create?

You can access all of the results for any LFR Check-In you create. They can be accessed by you at any time through the Home page and you can share them with anyone you choose. Results can be grouped to identify trends, opportunities, progress etc.

In addition, anyone who completes an LFR Check-In that you create can access their individual results only and can’t access any other person’s results. They can share their individual results with anyone they choose.

5. Who can access the results of an LFR Check-In I complete?

You can access your individual results for any LFR Check-In you complete. They are saved under your profile and can be accessed by you at any time through the Home page and shared with anyone you choose.

In addition, if someone else created an LFR Check-In that you complete that someone can access your individual results and share them with anyone they choose.

6. What if I want help interpreting a set of results?

If you’d like some input when interpreting or addressing any elements noted in any LFR Check-In results, click “Request LaFlair’s Perspective” on the Home page, select the relevant review and a message will be sent to LaFlair Legal and Project Management Services. We‘ll follow up with you within 24 business hours.

7. What do the results mean?

The results reflect a snapshot of how the matter or relationship experience matches up against best practices in general and against the other people completing the LFR Check-In’s perspective in particular. While the best practice standards are objective, there is inherent subjectivity in each question (i.e. one person’s view of regularly communicating issues may not be the same as another’s). Identifying and addressing these differences is an essential part of Building Powerful Lawyer-Client Relationships®

Accessing LFR Check-Ins

8. The LFR Check-In that I created isn’t turning up on the Home page for the person I sent it to.

Please make sure that you sent the LFR Check-In to the same e-mail address that they used to create their profile.

9. Where do I go to complete an LFR Check-In that I created? It’s not showing up under “Check-Ins I have Created”.

If you clicked that you would be completing the LFR Check-In as well, once the LFR Check-In was created you were taken to the LFR Check-In to complete it. If you didn’t complete it at that time you can now access and complete it through the “Check-Ins Sent to Me” link on the Home page.